Social Media for Law Firms

Personalized, Responsive Digital Brand Management

Taking Time to Build Your Brand

Denver Legal Marketing is one of the top voices in Colorado when it comes to marketing local lawyers and law firms through social media—especially LinkedIn. Social media marketing can increase a small or solo practice’s reach dramatically. It can likewise maximize visibility and web presence through strategic posting and dynamic social media ghostwriting. 

Many lawyers are too busy to devote the time and energy that a steady social media brand requires. Social media is one area where consistency is crucial—both in frequency and tone of the messages you post. 

Consistent, on-brand messages can build brand recognition and trust, effectively advertise your firm, create a loyal community, and increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

New Legal Website Design and Site Upgrades

If you are building your site from scratch, we work with you to develop a clear strategy for creating your webpage, complete with a staging site so you can approve every last word before your site goes live.

If you have an existing site, our team does a deep audit of your law firm website and defines the areas that are in need of immediate attention. Then, we create a strategy to update your site  with the newest security protocols, information safeguards, and aesthetics that will engage your clients the most. 

After that, our programmers and front end user experience consultants work together to ensure that your website build or upgrade happens within weeks instead of months.

Our web design services include:

High-quality postings

Finding New Targeted Followers

Conversion Tracking

Business Page Writing and Optimization

Spam Monitoring

Social Media Competitor Analysis

Monthly Progress Report