SEO for law firms

     It can be easy to get lost in the digital crowd. As more and more law firms invest in paid search, organic search results get pushed to the bottom of the search results page.

      That can mean that, even if you are paying for people to see you when they search for what you do (i.e. “family lawyers near me”), you may never be seen by your potential clients. It also means that if you’re relying on organic search results to bring in new clients, you may not be getting the traffic you should be.

       At Denver Legal Marketing, we provide a competitive, holistic SEO strategy that fits in with your offline and broadcast marketing campaigns. Our SEO specialists build the online reputations of law firms by being attuned to constantly-shifting SEO requirements.

The DLM “SEO for Lawyers” plan includes:

Keyword analysis

We review the best long-tail SEO terms that have the lowest competition and the highest traffic to bring in only the potential clients you want.
Competitor rankings

We look at your top competitors and review their keywords, search engine results pages (SERPs), and their highest traffic sources to give you a competitive advantage.
On-page SEO recommendations

We audit your current website to find areas that might be damaging your SERP rankings. We create a document that shows, page-by-page, what changes need to be made to the pages to achieve higher results.
Content marketing strategies for higher search engine results

We look at your content including blog posts and biographies to identify trends for you audience. Then we develop a content marketing strategy to build your SEO ranking based on audience engagement, shares, and likes.