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Legal marketing training, elevated 

One of our most sought-after services is providing lectures for Colorado law firms on marketing and business development. Although online training is a big piece of the continuing education element in many law firms, there is a significant amount of research that shows in-person interactions are still valuable and necessary for long-term learning. According to a study by James Madison University, learners who are social and value hearing multiple perspectives on a topic do much better in a live learning environment.

In-person branding presentations
that motivate

Denver Legal Marketing offers in-person lectures to support your goals of business development through marketing, branding, and reputation management. Whether it is at a national convention, a noon “lunch and learn” program, or a partner retreat, each presentation is specifically tailored so that your attorneys build the most valuable skills for increasing their marketing power.

We specialize in marketing lectures for attorneys in these areas:

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Personal Branding

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Lawyer Marketing Strategies

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Attorney Visibility Strategies

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Leveraging Community Service in Business Development

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Online Reputation and Digital Marketing Strategy

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Marketing to the Denver Legal Community and Colorado Business Community

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LinkedIn for Lawyers (also can be a 2 hour workshop)

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Social Media for Lawyers

Our hour-long, professional presentations can be designed specifically for your law firm and your business development goals. For years,, Meranda Vieyra of Denver Legal Marketing has been presenting engaging, entertaining, and informative lectures to legal groups of all sizes and specialties—from private law firms to bar associations and general counsel groups. She has also worked with law students and the Better Business Bureau.