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Small business-to-consumer law firm leverages awards and online media to become a top attorney-referred firm in Denver: A Case Study

Meranda Vieyra of Denver Legal Marketing LLC works with law firms of all sizes to develop personal and business networks and enhance credibility through publication, credentialing, and award nominations. Her system of using both in-person and online marketing and public relations strategies has helped dozens of law firms create sustainable business pipelines and increase the credibility of their lawyers.


Small Colorado law firm with practice focused in the Denver Metro area.


The partners in the firm were looking for additional referral work from notable lawyers in the area that knew the high quality of their practice. They already had an online presence but felt that it was not bringing them the kinds of clients they wanted to work with.


To increase attorney-to-attorney referrals, the goal for this law firm was to enhance their presence in the legal community through a variety of tactics as well as validating the individual lawyers’ reputations through in-person events, credentialing through publications, and award nominations.

  1. Increased leadership opportunities: Each lawyer was to identify professional organizations (bar associations, alumni associations, etc.) where they could pursue leadership opportunities. Younger lawyers chose organizations where they could connect with mentors and peers  impact future leadership opportunities and develop a pipeline for referrals. 
  2. Audit and update of online collateral: The online branding for each lawyer and the law firm collectively was made consistent to market to the same demographics. In addition, website and social media text and graphic design for online and printed materials was created.
  3. Direct advertising campaign: A key part of the overall strategy was to develop a consistent brand and target attorneys in the Denver Metro area. Implementation of this strategy included developing a targeted ad campaign in local publications with high attorney readership.
  4. Emphasis on award nominations: The attorneys followed a focused plan for identifying local, state, and national awards that they were suited to win. Denver Legal Marketing created the nominations and followed up after each win with a small promotional strategy.



Each segment of the targeted campaign to increase social collateral and impact on the local legal community achieved excellent results. The law firm saw higher and more targeted traffic to their website, received a number of case referrals from local attorneys, and were recognized with local, state-level, and national awards.

Small business-to-consumer law firm leverages awards and online media to become a top attorney-referred firm in Denver: A Case Study

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