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National Law Firm Gains a Home-Court Advantage with Denver Legal Marketing Expert: A Case Study

Meranda Vieyra of Denver Legal Marketing is familiar with the unique struggles for partners in national law firms wanting to break into the Colorado legal marketplace. She designs unique marketing strategies that rely heavily on business and legal connections in Denver and beyond.


A partner at a large national law firm wanting to make a more personal connection with the Colorado legal market.


Although the client was getting marketing assistance from their national law firm’s marketing and business development team, they wanted to have a more “hands-on” approach to building their own business development strategy in the Denver area. Through word-of-mouth, they sought out Meranda and requested a personalized marketing plan that would specifically put them in front of large players in business and law in Colorado.


The goal for this client was to clearly identify the specific people that they wanted to connect with in the Denver metro area (individuals of influence in the Colorado political and banking scene, entrepreneurs with high socio-economic status, leadership of major companies, partners of law firms in complementary practice areas, etc.) and then create a marketing strategy that catered to those handful of targets based on brand building, event attendance, and practice credentialing.

  1. Met with client to determine preferred client, audience, industry.
  2. Performed research on all areas of interest including litigation in banking and finance.
  3. Created a year-long plan with monthly milestones which included goals for in-person networking, advertising, lecturing, industry-related organizational membership, strategic event participation, interviews with local publications, writing opportunities to develop status as a thought leader, and recommendations on a LinkedIn strategy including posting, groups to join, and theme of messaging.



more speaking engagements


3 published articles


leads generated from networking events


The attorney chose to use the research and projected calendar to give them an advantage when building business in the Denver area. Within the year, the attorney had more publications and speaking engagements on their CV. They had attended many fruitful networking events that catered to the target client base. The entire strategy increased visibility of this attorney and potential client leads dramatically.

National Law Firm Gains a Home-Court Advantage with Denver Legal Marketing Expert: A Case Study

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