Launching Solo Law Practice

Case Study

Solo Lawyer Breaks Away to Create a Vibrant Independent Practice: A Case Study

Resting on over two decades in the legal industry, Meranda Vierya focuses on helping solo legal entrepreneurs find their niche client base and market themselves effectively on small budgets.


An independent lawyer from a large law firm with a desire to become a solo entrepreneur.


When the client confided in Meranda that he was thinking of starting an independent law firm, he was still in the process of deciding whether he could “make it” as a solo. Meranda outlined a number of marketing options for getting his new practice off to a great start and became a marketing and business development mentor for his practice.


The goal for this client was to create a marketing strategy that leveraged free and low-cost marketing options with carefully placed paid advertising. It also relied heavily on organic press as well as event participation and credentialing.

  1. Met with attorney to discuss new client goal, 1-year plan, and 3-year plan. Developed a common concept of ideal client, marketing overall design, and provided consultation regarding best use of the limited budget available.
  2. Designed and created all branding and marketing materials for firm including logo, website, letterhead, and collateral materials (business cards, flyers, brochures).
  3. Wrote initial press release and accompanying advertisement campaign. Managed the buys for advertising and developed promotional pitches to relevant publications to cover the law firm’s grand opening.
  4. Researched location-based opportunities for networking of this new law firm and scheduled strategic event participation to increase networking opportunities with the ideal clientele and attorney referral sources.
  5. Managed credentialing and online brand by updating legal bios, researching and pitching award nominations, and coordinating monthly social media and email marketing campaigns.



of new client goal reached


major industry awards in 12 months


of overall marketing budget used on the campaigns


The launch of the business was a resounding success, with the minimum new client goal reached. Over the next year, the attorney was chosen for two major legal industry awards from the nominations provided by DLM. The attorney has maintained a small profile and utilizes

Solo Lawyer Breaks Away to Create a Vibrant Independent Practice: A Case Study

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